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Q:Why should I choose StageBites over other options?
A: That's an answer that deserves It's Own PAge
Q:How much power are these StageBite LED Worklights going to use?
A: Each StageBite can draw as little as 0.7 Watts or as much as 1.5 Watts depending on supply voltage. With the power supply provided in a starter kit, each StageBite will draw 1.1 Watts. This means a full Starter Kit draws 5.5 Watts ! Even going with 2 of the lowest wattage blue bulb practical (7W), this means that lighting one side of your deck with StageBite LEDs is 40% more efficient than the old blue-bulb route. Competing on a more practical level with a pair 25W bulbs, the StageBites are using 90% less power, for an equivalent amount of working light.

Q: What about longevity? I can't afford to be replacing the worklights every show!
A: StageBites are engineered to make your life easy. The LEDs utilized are good for 50,000 hours to 70% brightness, and the rest of the components have been selected to match this. We have units out with customers that have been in use for over two years, nightly, that are still going strong.

Q: What about in the (extremely unlikely) event that something DOES go wrong?
A: Listen, LED Worklight Systems is a company that lives and dies with our customers happiness and satisfaction. We're going to make it right, whatever it takes. If something fails, or isn't up to your standards, give us a call at 1-877-LED-WORX, send us an e-mail, dispatch a carrier pigeon, send a messenger on a donkey, anything to let us know. We WILL make it right, guaranteed. We stand behind our products and our customers.

Q: I'd like to make a purchase, but I'm subject to a state/institutional Purchase Order system.Can you work within my institution's PO system for me?
A: Yes, Yessir, Yes'm and Of Course We Can. Give us a call, or e-mail and let us know how to proceed.

Q: Some of what you have is *almost right* for my application. Will you customize your products to fit my needs?
A: Indeed, customization and working to fill our customer's needs is a great joy for us. Just let us know what changes you want to see, and we'll work with you to get a product built for you. Most of the time at very little additional cost, outside of any additional parts involved.

Q: What about a Demo? I think I might like a StageBite setup, but I can't commit money without seeing them firsthand. Can you arrange that?
A:Again, YES. We'll ship them out to you, you get a show [Between 14 and 45 Days depending on circumstances] to decide and either make payment in full or ship them back to us. Or, if you're within 100 Miles of the Chicagoland Area, contact Bruce (see below) to set up an in-person viewing. It's all negotiable, so give us a call.

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