How Does the StageBite System Work, Anyways
or 'Nice Grouping!'

Essentially, every product in the StageBite lineup falls into one of three groups within the system, or is a 'connector' cable.

The A Group are the power sources for the system. These take a power source, either wall power, or a battery, regulate and/or filter it and put it out onto a 2.5x5.5mm coax power plug.

The B Group are the Master Blocks. These bring the power from the A Group into the system via a power port on one side. In addition to lighting up themselves, the B Group then offer output twin output ports to connect....

The C Group are standard or 'slave' blocks. They get their power from the B Group via connecting cables. Each C Group unit has twin ports as well, to allow easy daisy-chaining of units.

So, in a system, you HAVE to have a Single A Group [Power supply], connected to a B Group [Master Block] which is then connected to via connecting [RJ11] cables with up to 8 C Group [Standard Block] units. The caveat here is that you cannot connect more than 5 C Group [Standard Block] units to a single output port on a B unit.

In short, just think 'Connect A to B to C' and you'll have a working StageBite system in no time.

So, in the table below, anything in column A can connect to anything in column B, which can (but doesn't have to) then feed any combination of units in column C

Cincon 9V AC/DC
Wall Wart Power Supply
Master BlueBite, Non-DimBlueBite, Non-Dimmable
Master WhiteBite, Wide-AngleBarebones BlueBite, Non-Dim
Master WhiteBite, Neutral WhiteWhiteBite, WideAngle Non-Dim
Master RedBite
Master SpotBite, Red
The '5x BlueBite Starter Kit' already contains one A (Cincon PS), one B (Master BlueBite), and 4 Cs (Standard Bluebite) as well as all the connecting cables!

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