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LED Worklight Systems has a policy of distributing, free of charge, all new and/or prototype products to a group of testers within the industry.

Please Note that there are no products in the Testing or Pre-testing phase at present. Check here again to find out when another testing phase is approaching

Why do we do this?
We believe that the people who use the products should be the ones to tell us what they need. The best way to ensure that a product is exactly what is needed is to let someone use/abuse it for a little while, for free. The testing process thus provides us with a well-tuned product, and provides our customers a feedback channel.

Not to mention, Free Stuff !

What do you want from testers?
We ask that you use the product in a production setting of some fashion, then pour out to us all of your feelings about it. If it sucks, we want to know how, in detail. If it's mostly great, but needs just a little something more, tell us. We also ask that you do this in a somewhat timely fashion, and that you don't sell the tester products we send you.

How do I become a tester?
Simple. Send an email to tester-apps@ledworklights.com stating your wish to become a tester, and the following info
  • Your name
  • organization
  • address
  • telephone number(s)
After that, we'll send a small envelope to the address listed, and ask that you send the included form back. Then,when a new product is coming, we'll e-mail you a description and ask if you'd like to give it a go.

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