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LED Worklight Systems, LLC.
3500 Stonegate Road
Waukegan, IL

877 (533-9679)
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Who are we?
  LED Worklight Systems is a small company dedicated to serving the Live Entertainment industry first. We design and manufacture working and running lights to be Small, Strong, and Bright.

If you don't see something you need in the product lineup, tell us. LED Worklight Systems is very flexible, and if you need something, we'll design it and get you a price. Just ask.

A Word From the Founder
  As the Founder of LED Worklight Systems, I will personally guarantee every product you buy, and am available any time, day or night. You are entitled to my personal phone number, and to talk to me at any time.

I founded with the belief, and continue to believe today that you [my customers] are the most important part of my business.

Thanks for visiting, and I'd love to hear from you.

Bruce Cooper

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