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All information presented here has been gathered from myself and members of the live entertainment community. It is being hosted here as a service, and in hopes of creating a standard of sorts. If you use it, all I ask is that you tell other people where you found it, so they can use it, too. To contribute or comment, please send mail to Bruce. For an additional resource, visit USITT

General Info
Building Name
Building Address
Building Description
Phone Numbers
  • Box Office
  • Technical Director/Offices
Front of House
Available seating configurations
Handicapped seats (Number and location)
Seating Capacity (including variations for different configurations)
Show Merchandise sales policy
Plan of facility
Rigging plan/section
Lighting plan/section
Hookups, Tie-ins, Etc.
Electric tie-ins: Locations of each available point.
  • Number available.
  • Single/3 phase for each
  • Ampacity of each.
  • Camlocks/Lugs or both of each. Size of Hex key or other tool for lugs
Sound hookups: Locations of
  • Available Mix position(s)
  • Isolated Sound power
  • Mic/Signal-level jacks
  • Speaker/line-leve or high-current jacks [Speakon, etc]
Control hookups.
Show Communications hookups Dry Lines: How many, what types, termination points
Rigging Information
Permanent SystemsTemporary Systems
Counterweight SystemsMotor SystemsOther (help me)
  • Single or double purchase
  • Total amount of weight available
  • Number of Linesets
  • Lineset list including
    • Number
    • Distance from Proscenium or first lineset
    • Batten Length
    • Arbor weight limit
  • Any dedicated linesets (Electrics, cyc, etc.)
  • Number of motors
  • Capacities
  • Chain Lengths
  • Number/type of controllers
    • Number of motors controlled
    • Pickle/pendant
  • Number and capacities of shackles
  • Length, type, and capacity of available spansets
Dedicated rigging points
  • Location
  • Allowable vertical load
  • Allowable lateral load
Storage and load in
Number of docks/loading doors
Dock Heights
Longest vehicle which will fit into dock
Type of door(s)
Ground slope to/from loading door
Location of loading dock/door
  • Overhead restrictions
  • Relative to streets (noting any tight corners)
  • Relative to stage/space)
Notes of any tight corners, ramps, or stairs between loading door and stage/space
Truck/Bus Information
Truck directions including low bridges/one way streets. From all possible directions. With landmarks if available. Maps are excellent if they are easily read

Truck/Bus parking: Location,Length,Number, Cost
Truck/Bus hookups.(Shore power, water, sewer, gas)

Backstage spaces
Green room
  • Dimensions
  • Accessories (refrigerator, microwave, snack/soda machines)
  • Furniture
Dressing rooms. For each:
  • Dimensions
  • Number of seats
  • With Sink? Bathroom? Shower?
Crossovers: Location, length, and obstacles (stairs, doors, etc)
Other (non-dressing room) shower facilities
Special Effects
Limitations/allowances for:
  • Smoke
  • Haze
  • Pyro
  • Live flame
Licensing and permissions needed
Noise limits, curfews, no smoking, no booze, etc
Lobby bar, snack bar, catering, etc
"Local" knowledge
Medical Information: Emergency and Non-Emergency
Locations and phone numbers

Local labor contractors and rental houses. ( Including any union exclusives )
Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Directions/maps to local
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Rental car agencies
  • Laundries
  • Taxi and Limo services
  • Hardware Stores
Also consider listing local Chamber of Commerce or Convention/Visitors Bureau information
  • Control consoles available
    • Manufacturer, model, and software revision
    • Number of DMX universes / ACN ports installed
    • Remote Focus unit available?
  • Followspots
    • Manufacturer/Model/Type
    • Number available
    • Wattage
    • Throw Distance
    • Vertical Distance from stage
    • Position
  • ERS -- for each type:
    • Manufacturer/model
    • Degree or designation [i.e. 6X16]
    • Number available
    • Lamps available
    • Lamps installed
  • Fresnel
  • PARs
  • Striplights
    • Manufacturer
    • Number of cells
    • Number of circuits
    • Lamps possible
    • Lamps installed
    • Frame Size
Scenery (bad title. help me)

Soft goods

  • Color
  • Width
  • Length
  • Fullness
Stock flats
Platforms/platform systems
Orchestra Shell

Mixing Consoles available

  • Manufacturer and model
  • Number of channels
  • Digital or analog
  • Manufacturer and Model
  • Channels
  • Power Output (wattage)
  • Location
Fixed Speakers
  • Location(s)
  • Manufacture and Model
  • Power Handling
  • Available for use?
Auxiliary Speakers
  • Number
  • Make and Model
  • Power Handling
Hearing Assist Systems
  • Manufacturer and Model
  • Type : IR / RF / Hardwire
  • Transmitter Location(s)
  • Number of receivers
Musical instruments / paraphernalia
Pianos: Type/size
Music Stands/Lights: Number and type
. Show Communications Paging / Monitoring systems
  • Combined/Combinable or Separate
  • Number and type of boxes and headsets
  • Video/Audio Monitoring, or both?
  • Available for external patch in? How?

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